Students growing up in our local community experience unique challenges not shared by many other student athletes. However, through perseverance, our local student-athletes still manage to overcome the odds and become Star Players.


To enrich the lives of and opportunities available to local youth athletes in Oakland by highlighting their achievements and showcasing their talent and accomplishments to the world. We are dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of the values and lifelong skills that can be learned through sport, including hard work, discipline, personal fitness, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and leadership – building stronger communities and providing a foundation for future success.

At Star Playerz we view youth sports as a dynamic platform that can encourage youth to challenge themselves to be responsible and diligent young people. The sports world is filled with stories of great leadership, overcoming tremendous obstacles and dire circumstances to deliver victory and receive the highest of accolades. Great leaders command respect, admiration and inspire a willingness to accept any and all challenges.